Dr. Jay

Dr.  jayThe song “Born & raised (on Rock n Roll)” by my friend Dennis Lewin’s band, Beau Coup, is an accurate description of how I was raised. My Mom always had a radio on, inside or outside of the house, and I grew up listening to the best AM and FM radio that Cleveland had.

In the early 80s I started working at a local record store helping the record labels promote upcoming bands and new releases, attending nearly 1,500 concerts, listening parties and live events, going backstage and meeting the musicians that I grew up listening to as well as the new upcoming stars. In 2020, I joined an internet radio station and started a Saturday afternoon show, the Doc of Rock show which grew into a second Wednesday show, Doc’s Hard Rock ER.

I am again promoting the classic rock artists and upcoming rock artists on both of my shows. Music is my passion and I enjoy sharing good music with as many people as I can. I enjoy interacting with our listeners and providing live entertainment especially live remote broadcasts. With every show comes a new opportunity to connect our listeners with artists or songs (new or old) that they haven’t heard before or for a long time to revisit the music that was a part of their life.

Music that deserves to be on the radio is played on my shows on XStream Rock Radio.

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