Steve Blazer

Steve Blazer

Born and raised in Middletown OH, Steve Blazer grew up with a transistor radio permanently attached to his hand and a hard plastic earphone stuck in his ear. His love of Top 40 radio with wild and crazy DJ’s grew into an obsession with the early days of FM Underground Rock stations and laid back DJ’s with illegal smiles. Living between Cincinnati and Dayton, this gave Steve many stations to listen to and concerts to attend which fueled his fire to become a DJ.

He dabbled in radio through high school, but drifted into other areas and professions. After graduation he discovered his true calling in law enforcement, but his love for radio never died. Steve ended up in Arkansas, where friends convinced him to try his hand at being a part time DJ. He worked part time at several stations in south Arkansas and North Western Arkansas before retirement. Then he moved back to Ohio and settled in the Cleveland suburbs.

Steve believes that in a world becoming less and less personal, XStream Rock Radio is striving to become a personal radio station for each and every listener employing their input, ideas, and opinions.

Catch Steve on the Classic Cantina Show – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from noon till 2:00 EST.

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